Participation Banking in Turkey

Important steps for growth

This report summarizes, the position of participation banking in the World as well as in Turkey, the review of participation banking in Turkey and future trends of this sector.

Beginning of the era 2000, while participation banks reach only 2%of the net assets, in 2010 the rate increased up to 4,3%. As a result of the momentum of high growth in the last 5 years, the rate increased up to 6, 1% with 90,7 billion TL asset in the third quarter of 2013. Although, regarding the profit margins of the participation banks, Malaysia, Indonesia and Gulf Countries have more than 50% of the market share, it is stated that Turkey has more potential in growth. Also, Turkey, Pakistani, Bangladesh and Indonesia stand as the leading countries among the participation banks. Iran has 36% of the worldwide assets of the participation banks, Malaysia has 17%, Saudi Arabia has 14% and Turkey has 3,1% of the market share.

Participation Banking in Turkey
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