Talent Management

Talent management remains a top business and HR issue as organisations report capability and leadership challenges worldwide. Technology, globalization, and growing government regulation are reshaping the way people work, learn, collaborate, and lead. New, innovative HR programs are becoming essential to attract and keep critical talent in an increasingly demand-driven talent market. Given the complexity of this environment, many organizations are finding it difficult to navigate the path forward. That's where we can help. Deloitte's Talent Strategy teams work with you to ensure that your people strategies enable your business strategy. Our services include Workforce Planning, Talent Sourcing and Acquisition, Performance, Engagement, Learning, Leadership, Career Development and Succession, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Analytics. With an effective talent strategy, you can put the right people, with the right skills and tools, anywhere in the world — and give them opportunities to grow and develop to meet evolving business needs.

The significant changes taking place in the business world have increased the demand for a talented workforce; as a result it has become more difficult to find the right talent. Keeping up with the dramatic changes to the global workforce is even more challenging. The classic model of talent, recruitment, and retention strategies are neither relevant nor successful anymore. Talent has become a focal point both for a functional team (i.e. finance, information technologies, sales, etc.) and on HR managers’ agendas, because talent is crucial for a company’s success. Due to the scarcity of supply in the workforce market, it is of the utmost importance to support business and functional strategies with talent strategies and programs. Becoming a high-performing organization depends on the success in attracting, developing, and retaining a talented workforce.

The characteristics of a talented workforce are:

  • Innovative contribution capacity not only through forecasting the market, but also in creating it.
  • Choosing the best place to work in terms of talent development.
  • Choosing a working environment that provides coaching and training opportunities and that encourages experience sharing and network development.
  • The ability to work on multiple issues during difficult times and also to grow stronger because of such periods.


Our Services

Companies require a talent management program to be able to acquire and retain talent as described above. Our talent management approach incorporates an integrated process that helps design a talent program and the related infrastructure for attracting and developing critical talent, their right positioning in the organization as well as ensuring their commitment. 

Our talent management consultants help companies primarily in reevaluating their talent needs and aligning these with the business goals. Additionally, we help our clients increase the competency, productivity, innovation, and customer-centricity levels through designing human resources programs in line with their new talent goals.

Our services within this context include:

  • Defining talent management vision
  • Defining critical workforce segments
  • Developing the talent management road map
  • Compensation, benefits, and rewards