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A revolutionary digital tool for the healthcare industry: The Internet-of-Things

IoT has the potential to reinvent the healthcare industry. It has the potential to transform traditional paper-based healthcare treatment through access to real-time patient data and remote patient monitoring. The emergence of this digital healthcare (mobile health, wireless health, connected health etc.) technology has delivered solutions to tackle the increasing need for better diagnostics ad more personalized therapeutic tools. The IoT plays a significant role in a broad range of healthcare applications, from managing chronic diseases to preventing disease, but it also works as a fitness and wellness tracker for athletes. Healthcare sector has made its first steps into the digital era (Mobile Healthcare, e health etc.) thereby changing the way medicine is practiced. This industry, where mindsets and regulations are slow to change, has been overhauled by the digitalization of data and the incredible development of new technologies and apps to enable access to data anywhere and at any time.

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