Women in manufacturing

Recruit, retain, and advance women

What is the current state of the manufacturing industry’s workforce, and why do women matter? Learn about leading strategies for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in this report written in conjunction with the Manufacturing Institute.

Exploring the gender gap

Women in manufacturing 2015 study

The 2015 Women in manufacturing study: Exploring the gender gap was commissioned by The Manufacturing Institute, APICS, and Deloitte to understand why manufacturing is not attracting, retaining, and advancing its fair share of talented women. From addressing the talent shortage to improved financial performance, the business case for increasing the share of women in the manufacturing workforce is persuasive. Based on survey responses from over 600 women professionals predominantly across the manufacturing industry, the study shares perspectives for the path forward to help address the talent issue.


Women in manufacturing 2015

What motivates women to stay or go?

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