Process and Organizational Design

A company’s organizational structure and business processes must be designed in accordance with corporate strategies. The success of corporate strategies depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and processes upon which they are built.

Deloitte’s industry experts provide clients with customized solutions in organizational structure and process design. Deloitte's “Industry Print” tool redesigns business processes in line with the best practices within the global marketplace; and also restructures organizational designs for the effective implementation of these changing business processes.


Today, products, services, and pricing competition is rapidly narrowing; in this context internal process management and the monitoring and improvement of internal processes emerge among the most important factors that make a difference to a company’s profit margins.

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Process Management

Our organizational design services offer our clients many different types of support including the design of organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities, competencies, and performance criteria. It also encompasses the design of the authorization model.

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Organizational Design