Supply Chain Management

Deloitte’s Supply Chain practice focuses on delivering practical, strategy-driven value through advisory services that optimize, reinvent, and improve the supply chain from end to end — design, plan, source, make, and deliver. We tackle organizations’ most complex issues by drawing on global capabilities that span all areas of business strategy and operations and industries.

Over the past decade, business transactions have become more complex and include increased variety in materials, higher expectation of service, shorter cycle times, more comprehensive financial administration, and globalization. Unfortunately, current supply chains are not designed to encompass this complex structure.

Today, operational difficulties related to supply chain management are well known. By simplifying the complex structure of supply chain management, Deloitte assists clients in overcoming these complications so they can command a wider perspective on strategy, processes, resources, and technology for the enhancement of their supply chain performance.

Deloitte utilizes its accumulated knowledge on financial management, tax, and risk management to minimize the costs and maximize the benefits. Thereby, it focuses on issues that truly matter and introduces workable solutions.

In our fast changing world, working methods are also evolving rapidly and this transformation forces companies to restructure their strategies accordingly. Changes in company strategies are mostly focused on marketing, brand, and sales where the supply chain strategy is expected to adapt to those changes. Considering the fact that the supply chain lies at the center of the value chain highlights the importance of a supply chain strategy for successful implementation of company strategy.

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Supply Chain Strategy & Organization

Changing markets and business requirements necessitate effective supply chain management and thereby make the competitive advantage and flexibility gained through the effective use of supply chain processes even more significant. Customers demand more flexibility, easier access to information about product availability, faster response time, and more customized products. In order to fulfill their demands, more emphasis is given to supply chain planning capabilities that would enable quick reactions to ever-changing customer demands in terms of cost and competitiveness.

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Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

In today’s dynamic world, markets are always on the move. Customer portfolios, competition, customer expectations, costs, suppliers, regulations, products, business practices, industrial plants, and technological infrastructure are developing and changing on a daily basis. However, as all these changes take place, supply chain networks stay relatively stable.

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Supply Chain Network Design

Within the scope of Sourcing Management, we provide following services;

  • Strategic Sourcing Management,
  • Supplier Relationship Management,
  • Purchasing Process Design

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Sourcing Management

Due to competition, companies want to have production systems and processes that respond quickly and effectively to customer orders with the minimum possible cost. This requires both flexibility and efficiency, which are usually contradictory. Activities enhancing flexibility increase costs. At this point, balancing the need for flexibility and efficiency becomes key issue for companies. Determining target customers and understanding expectations would be the primary areas of focus for balancing flexibility and efficiency.

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Manufacturing Management

Within the scope of Distribution Management we provide following services:

  • Warehouse operations design
  • Transportation Operations Design

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Distribution Management

Tracking supply chain operations is highly linked with comprehensive performance tracking initiatives. Companies that have already started implementing these initiatives realize that developing a performance management system involves issues like what to track in each process, which performance indicators should be tracked, how to track interaction between processes and how to report this data. Therefore, such companies comprehend how challenging it is to develop. such a comprehensive performance management system that would enable the realization of supply chain strategies. 

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Supply Chain Performance