Supply Chain Strategy & Organization

Supply Chain Management

In our fast changing world, working methods are also evolving rapidly and this transformation forces companies to restructure their strategies accordingly. Changes in company strategies are mostly focused on marketing, brand, and sales where the supply chain strategy is expected to adapt to those changes. Considering the fact that the supply chain lies at the center of the value chain highlights the importance of a supply chain strategy for successful implementation of company strategy.

While restructuring the supply chain, companies have the tendency to select from one of these sets of options: “Being customer focused or product focused?”; “Focusing on efficiency or flexibility?”; “Organizing management regionally or globally?”; and “Adopting a centralized or decentralized structure?” We know that developing a competitive advantage in supply chain management requires achieving multi-dimensional excellence. Besides, focusing attention soley on a single issue and ignoring the others has serious negative effects.

We help our clients have a better understanding of the required strategic decisions within the supply chain and allows them to make these decisions effectively. We also help companies in evaluating the alternatives and developing supply chain strategies that will be aligned with business strategies, increase stakeholder value, and reduce risk. Additionally, once the supply chain strategy is defined, we support companies in taking advantage of their strengths and by shifting focus to the implementation of plans in accordance with their defined strategies.

The supply chain comes to the fore as one of the most important elements for companies in the business world. As so often happens, competition rises and companies are obliged to constantly set new targets to stay competitive. Performing supply chain best practices throughout the company is strongly related to supply chain organization. Operations performed separately by different units of the supply chain that are driven by their own targets do not optimize whole of the supply chain. In fact, this approach leads each unit of the supply chain to take a different direction.

In order to manage the supply chain in the best way possible, all supply chain functions should be organized in a way that will support sufficient information sharing, have pre-defined roles and responsibilities, and have identified reporting relationships. We restructure supply chain organization according to company goals through its own supply chain and related industry experience.