Real Estate

We offer unique solutions to companies in critical areas such as sustainable growth, profitability, establishment of corporate governance, IPO, adaptation to new laws, regulations, changing technologies, market competitiveness, as well as human capital services.


European Tax Survey

Business advisory firm finds that over 800 European tax professionals rank the Netherlands as the most attractive economies to operate in from a tax perspective. The majority of respondents (54%) think one of the main challenges they face is a high degree of tax uncertainty in their own country.


Audit Services

Our audit services make a difference thanks to our risk-based audit approach, and our cooperative, easy-to-consult with, easily accessible team that understands the needs of our clients.


Tax Services

As Deloitte Turkey Tax Function, our aim is to create effective strategies for our clients and provide them with value added services by combining appropriate and applicable solutions by using our local extensive knowledge and global experience on Tax and Financial Legislation.


Deloitte Analytics

Learn more about Deloitte Analytics and our broad range of services


Corporate Governance Services

Institutionalization refers to the building of structures and processes that help sustain business in a company regardless of the peculiar methods followed by the managers. A corporate management approach is crucial for the sustainability of the institutional entity and prestige of a company.

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Erdem Selçuk, Partner

Real Estate Sector Leader


Life at Deloitte

People make Deloitte one of the best places to work. What’s great about the people? That’s an easy answer. They are exceptional. Each person is unique and valued for that, among the best and brightest in the business, and takes pride in his or her achievements and the success of others.