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Global risk management survey, 10th edition

Heightened uncertainty signals new challenges ahead

Deloitte’s Global risk management survey, 10th edition assesses the industry’s risk management practices and the challenges it faces in this turbulent period. It includes responses from 77 financial services institutions around the world.

Today, risk management is becoming even more important; financial institutions confront a variety of trends that have introduced greater uncertainty than before into the future direction of the business and regulatory environment.

While many organizations continue to enhance their risk management practices worldwide, Deloitte 10th edition of Global risk management survey reveales that leaders are focused on the regulatory impact of recent geopolitical shifts and questioning what’s coming next.

This survey covers the below topics:

·         Economic and business environment

·         Risk governance

·         Enterprise risk management

·         Economic capital

·         Stress testing

·         Sectors spotlight: Banking, Insurance, Investment management

·         Management of key risks

·         Risk management information systems and technology 

Global risk management survey, 10th edition
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