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The concept of risk management isn’t new. For years it has been a core responsibility of the C-suite. What is new, however, is the skyrocketing awareness of the importance of risk management. The regulatory and economic environments have become more challenging, and the news headlines are replete with examples of what happens to organizations when risks aren’t adequately managed. As a result, risk sits at the top of the agenda for the executive team—again.

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Corporate governance practices of non-listed companies in Turkey

Corporate Governance, which is based on principles of "equity", "transparency", "accountability" and "responsibility", supports successful decision making and competitiveness not only in public companies but also in non-listed companies.

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2014 Deloitte - NASCIO cybersecurity study
State governments at risk: Time to move forward

The Deloitte-National Association of State Chief Information Officers Cybersecurity Study highlights the challenges faced in protecting critically important systems and data in 49 states of the US. The survey results call for greater communication and collaboration with business leaders.

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“2014 Global Risk Survey - Reputation Risk”

What’s your company’s reputation worth? If the more than 300 business executives who participated in our global study on reputation risk are correct, a company’s reputation should be managed like a priceless asset and protected as if it’s a matter of life and death, because from a business and career perspective, that’s exactly what it is.

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Global Cyber Executive Briefing

In a world increasingly driven by digital technologies and information, cyber-threat management is more than just a strategic imperative. It’s a fundamental part of doing business. Yet for many C-suite executives and board members, the concept of cybersecurity remains vague and complex. Although it might be on your strategic agenda, what does it really mean? And what can your organization do to shore up its defenses and protect itself from cyber-threats? A common myth is that cyber-attacks only happen to certain types of organizations, such as high-profile technology businesses. However, the cold, hard truth is that every organization has valuable data to lose. In fact, the attacks that happen most frequently are completely indiscriminate – using scripted, automated tools that identify and exploit whatever weaknesses they happen to find.

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