Customer and Market Strategy

Our experienced Customer and Market Strategy professionals support our clients in identification and implementation of the strategic initiatives required to achieve their vision and goals.

While the main objective of executives is to increase shareholder value through sustainable profitable growth as a result of globalization, increasing competition, changing market conditions, technological innovation and increasing customer demand, profit margins are shrinking in all industries.

Consumers and customers are changing with the changing world…

  • Customers can access any type of information via the internet regardless of their location.
  • Smartphones and widespread wireless internet connections enable customers to gather information, shop, and inquire into services wherever they may be.
  • Social media networks are becoming efficient in shaping demand by creating a platform for communication and aggregation of information through shared experience.

As a result of all these factors, companies are facing empowered customers who are more demanding, more sophisticated and stronger in terms of bargaining.

Market conditions are changing together with the changing world

  • Companies have more competitors in a wider market due to the reduction of international trade barriers.
  • While developed economies are reaching their saturation point, developing economies are presenting new opportunities.
  • Raw material sources are decreasing, income and labor costs are increasing, and the pressure of cost and profitability on companies is also increasing.
  • While resources for innovation and new product development are increasing, the product lifecycle is decreasing.

As a result of all these developments, competition in the market and achieving sustainable profitable growth are becoming more difficult. While product and service quality has become a standard customer demand, competing on price point and providing the same quality for less are no longer sustainable strategies.

For sustainable profitable growth, it has become inevitable for the companies to use customer data more efficiently by focusing on their consumers, establishing strong customer relations, adding new customers to their portfolio and creating strong brands by supporting continuous innovation.