Customer Strategy and Segmentation


Strategy Customer and consumer purchasing power is increasing gradually with technological advancements and changing market conditions. Companies need to create a persuasive reason to be chosen by customers. This is only possible by correctly identifying customer needs and providing value proposals in line with these customer needs. However, not all customers are created equally; there are differences both in terms of their needs and expectations, and also the value they provide to the company.

For this reason, instead of treating all customers similarly, it is crucial to segment customers taking the customer needs and their differences into consideration.

Here at Deloitte, we know that companies need to shape their channel strategies, new product development strategies, organization structures, pricing approaches, product portfolios and level of services according to customer segmentation in order to use their resources more efficiently and increase market shares and profitability.

· Understanding customer needs and expectations through customer surveys and by analyzing the value created for the company

· Defining customer and consumer segments

· Determining segment values and choice of target segments

· Creating segment profiles (detailed data of shopping habits, preferences, needs, and lifestyles)

· Developing strategies for segment-based sales, marketing, product development, pricing, etc.

· Determining key customer criteria and developing key customer management approaches

Our Services

Deloitte Consulting’s Customer Strategy team provide companies with services that increase income and profitability and that help them know their customers, more closely identify the values of their company, and differentiate their value offerings instead of treating all customers equally. Thus, we support companies in their endeavor to use their resources more efficiently.

Who do we work with?

• We ensure the clear understanding of the value provided to the company by the customers and the value provided to the customers by the company.

• We ensure that our customers’ institutional resources are allocated more efficiently and productively based on customer data.

• We help in the development of value offerings (service levels, product portfolio, and pricing) based on the value provided by the customers and their different needs and expectations, hence targeting customers via their segments.

• We contribute to the achievement of higher sales and profit levels by following segment-based strategies (sales force competencies, organizational structure, new product development processes, channel strategies, etc.)

Benefits of our services