Distributor Management and Dealer Performance Management


It is important to improve the point of sales performance in sectors where customer-touch points (company retailers, dealers, franchise, etc.) exist. It is equally important to improve the performance of retailer/dealer in order to be able to provide the same level of quality to customers and consumers in all locations. Within this scope, we provide consulting services to companies in regard to retailer/dealer performance improvement.

Within the context of growth strategy, most companies enter new markets initially with a channel partner. The wrong choice of channel partner and the determination of all strategy by the local distributor may limit and make the new market performance of the company dependent on the performance of the channel partners.

It is important to establish a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with channel partners in order to increase performance in the target markets. Determining the brand strategy proactively and in cooperation with the distributor contributes to reaching the targeted position within the market. 

  • Developing distributor selection criteria
  • Defining the company and distributor roles and responsibilities, and determining distributor management processes
  • Creating incentive and bonus systems that would enable distributors to perform at optimum levels

Our Services

In the area of distributor/dealer management, we support companies that operate with distributors and want to improve the effectiveness of distributors in new markets through cooperation, guidance, and distributor performance development strategies.

We provide services to the companies that have customer-touch sales locations, and aim to proactively improve the retail point/dealer performance, and increase their customer satisfaction level.

Who do we work with?

  • We help in designing the structure of cooperation which will support the proactive management and guidance of the distributors/dealers.
  • We contribute to the improvement of distributor/dealer performance and align the company’s growth targets with distributor/dealer actions through incentives and reward systems.
  • We target company positioning in the foreign market.
  • We contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and sales by improving dealer competence and dealer efficiency.

Benefits of our services