Customer Experience Management

Customer experience describes the nature and quality of interaction that occurs between a company and its current as well as prospective customers. These interactions span the customer lifecycle - from activities that initiate the customer relationship (i.e. internet research, social media comments, marketing activities, product and services information, point-of-sale visits, live point-of-sale experience and product/service purchase) to activities that extend the relationship (i.e. loyalty/rewards program, service support for the purchased product, etc.).

In today's competitive environment, companies are searching for ways to improve profitability and turnover. However, most companies have difficulty in pinpointing customer dissatisfaction, in understanding both explicit and implicit customer behaviors, and also in establishing long-term relationships with the customer.  Companies that understand the importance of the customer experience are differentiated from their competitors. If companies focus on improving the quality of the total brand experience they stand out from competitors, because by accurately delivering on the brand promise to customers – they gain customer loyalty.

Although points of interaction create the customer experience, experience is also affected by factors that remain behind the scenes. For example, how fast and easily customers can find what they want at a retail location is closely related to issues such as a company’s efficient assortment planning, visual merchandising, and the sales services they provide; or as in the case of banking services, smooth client operations depend on website design and the IT infrastructure of the bank.

Why is customer experience so important?

Never before had customers so much control over how and where they access product information including how they research, compare, and purchase products and services.

  • Customer expectations continue to increase despite tightening marketing budgets.
  • The high cost of acquiring new customers has become a major challenge for profitability.
  • The quality of service has increasingly become an important determining factor in customer loyalty, new customer acquisition, and the frequency and amount of customer purchases.
  • Recent research suggests that 46% of companies do not think that they are successful in providing the desired in-store customer experience. It costs six times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.
  • Companies can boost profits anywhere from 25% to 125% by retaining merely 5% of their existing customers.
  • Happy customers tell on average 4 to 5 others of their positive experience. Dissatisfied customers tell 9 to 12 people of their bad experience.
  • Two-thirds of customers do not feel valued by those serving them.
  • Only 1 out of 25 dissatisfied customers will express their dissatisfaction directly to the retailer.

Customer Experience Management Services

In our customer experience transformation projects, we evaluate the customer experience as a whole throughout all customer interaction channels and in all systems and structures provided by the company.  We determine a strategy to strengthen customer experience competencies and to efficiently implement the necessary road map

  • According to the “Voice of The Customer”, which we develop through various data gathering tools and methods, and as well as interviews with the stakeholders; customer experience vision and strategy are formed and presented to our clients.
  • Utilizing our customer experience management maturity model, we identify organizational, operational and technological competencies required for achieving targets.
  • Investments and initiatives are selected and prioritized in respect to their risks and added values.
  • In order to ensure successful implementation of the initiatives; we present a detailed implementation road map including all key factors such as organizational changes, processes and KPIs.

Customer Experience Transformation

We measure, evaluate, and improve the customer experience in our clients’ stores. In our in-store customer experience management projects, we help our clients increase sales and profitability through improvement of various metrics such as customer-visit frequency, loyalty, new customer acquisition, and conversion rates.

Through surveys and observations in the store, in-depth data is collected regarding customers’ behaviors, preferences, thoughts, needs, and desires. Furthermore, we analyze all the factors affecting the customer experience such as employee productivity, product placement and store design, and aim toward an end-to-end improvement of the in-store customer experience.

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In-Store Customer Experience Management

As part of our online customer experience management offerings, we conduct analyses in all relevant online channels such as the corporate website, e-commerce sites, and social media. All required operational, organizational, and technological changes, initiatives and capability building needs are identified in order to improve the end-to-end online customer experience your organization delivers.

Internet channels have more complex structures when compared to other standard customer interaction channels such as stores; and customer expectations and behaviors vary continuously. Customers use the internet and expect to be provided with a good customer experience at each stage of their life cycle; as they research and compare products, read customer reviews, make purchases and promote the brand and products online.

The fact that more and more customers begin to use the internet at each stage of their life cycle makes brand competition fierce for online channels. Furthermore, the substantial increase in investments for internet channels also increases competition.

All of these factors, regardless of the sector, create the need to provide a diversified, high-quality customer experience to customers on internet channels.

Online Customer Experience Management

Gerçekleştirdiğimiz Çağrı Merkezi Müşteri Deneyimi Yönetimi projelerinde, şirketlerin çağrı merkezleri tarafından Our call-center customer experience management offerings enhance customer experience with the call center while at the same time improving operational efficiency.

In order to determine a call-center customer experience strategy capable of delivering both ideal customer experience and operational efficiency, various data collection methods, such as surveys and interviews, are utilized. Then, detailed organizational, operational, and technological needs and initiatives required to make the strategy applicable are identified and presented to our clients.

Call-Center Customer Experience Management