Business Process Solutions (BPS)

Deloitte Business Process Solutions (BPS) Services provides companies to manage their accounting, tax, payroll and technology processes.

Accounting Services

•Collecting source documents

•Keeping the official ledger

•Recording transactions

•Preparing financial reports

•Providing full-time employee

Tax Compliance Services

•Direct Tax (Corporation, Advance Tax, Withholding Tax Return)

•International Financial Reporting Standards Reporting Services

•Indirect Tax (The VAT, Stamp Tax, others)

Project and Technology Services

•Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

•Planning accounting, finance and HR processes

•ERP system design and implementation

•Business intelligence and data analytics

Human Resources and Payroll Services

•Salary and benefits management

•Labor Law and Social Security Authority compliance services

•Payroll system support

•Expert support for human resources and payroll

•Educational support

•Human resources reporting

•Support for SSI Incentives

•Personnel leave tracking, annual severance pay, calculation of leave payload

•HR administrative work tracking and reporting (insurance, private pension system and meal card tracking )

Benefits provided by BPS Services:

•Reduced operational risks

•Higher speed / lower cost

•Reduced paper use / waste

•Avoidance of additional costs

•Hassle-free, full regulatory compliance

•Full integration with HR Management and enterprise resource planning solutions

•A single point of contact for all services

•Zero-defect outputs providing full integration into technology processes


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