VAT Refund Services

As Deloitte, as in all service lines that we perform, also in VAT Refund Certification Service line our experts have deep knowledge and extensive experience.

The VAT Refund group offers services to help our clients with their VAT refund application. It is composed of well experienced Sworn Financial Advisors and experts who keep a close watch on the procedures envisaged and the attitude adopted by the tax authorities. This dedicated group works exclusively on VAT refund projects.

VAT Refund Certification Services

Basically VAT refund services consists of; in case the input VAT amount which is calculated on purchase invoices and similar documents and is paid by tax payers, who have transactions subject to exemption, is more than output VAT amount which is calculated on the transactions subject to VAT, refunding the VAT, which is paid for the transactions subject to exemption, in cash or by offsetting mechanism according to the principles determined by Ministry of Finance.

VAT refund certification services which are to be carried out in accordance with Law No. 3568, generally comprise the following;

  • Checking the accuracy of the refundable VAT amount based on the statutory records and relevant legislation.
  • Preparations of the VAT refund certification report to be submitted to the relevant tax office.

The scope of VAT refund certification services comprises the followings;

  • Determination of legal framework of the VAT refund regarding the sales transactions,
  • When necessary, pointing references regarding related tax regulations  at the VAT refund stage,
  • Performing cross investigations for the supplier firms of the relevant company,
  • Preparation of VAT refund certification report,
  • Making necessary correspondence with the tax office regarding VAT Refund Tax Certification Report,
  • Checking the accuracy of VAT correction returns while refunding incurred VAT.

VAT Refund Consulting Services

  • Analyses of the transactions that give VAT refund right and optimization of VAT refund status,
  • Consulting on VAT refund legislation.

Documentation/ Preparation Services

  • Preparation of the lists/templates and other documentation which are required for VAT refund Tax Office application (input VAT, incurred VAT lists etc.) based on the legislation,
  • Review of the work papers and calculations to be done with regard to refundable VAT (VAT on COGS/COS and General Expenses),
  • Uploading required lists via Internet Tax Office,
  • Receiving the VAT refund missing point report and other tax office written requests from Tax Office, determining required data/documentation, organizing and obtaining it, preparing the answers in accordance with legislation, making the required corrections in the lists and uploading the revised lists via Internet Tax Office, submitting to answers to Tax Office,
  • Managing all the relations with The Tax Authority.
  • Visiting the Tax Office with Client and discuss with the authorities, to provide finalization of the VAT refund files.