Tax Investigation and Litigation Consulting

Tax investigation involve tough and complex processes to manage by companies. Deloitte tax specialists provide supports to companies on tax investigations such as meetings with investigators, signing official reports, representation of the taxpayer in the report evaluation commission, participating in reconciliation negotiations and preparing the lawsuit petition from the beginning to the end.

Tax Investigation Process Consulting

•Establishing the strategy to be followed in the tax investigation.

•Management of the entire process and controlling of information flow within the scope of tax investigation.

•Analyzing the possible results of the investigation and identifying possible solutions.

Post Investigation Process Management

•Determining the strategies to be followed in the investigation.

•Preparing the defenses to be executed at the report evaluation and reconciliation commission meetings.

Litigation Process Consulting

•Preparing the defense to be disclosed in the tax court and following all the stages of the litigation process.

•Preparing and following up on objections and appeals.


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