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Digital democracy survey

A multi-generational view of consumer TMT trends

For nearly a decade, Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice has used this report to compare and contrast consumer attitudes and behaviors across generations related to entertainment devices, advertising, media consumption, social networking sites, and the Internet. This year’s survey puts a spotlight on the binge-watching culture, increased interest in streaming, social media’s influence on purchasing preferences, and more. Explore the trends that are influencing and reshaping media consumption behaviors among US consumers.

Digital democracy survey, 10th edition

Discover what drives today’s consumers. The 10th edition of Deloitte’s digital democracy survey, fielded by an independent research firm in November 2015, explores the speed at which technology and media consumption trends are evolving and how the introduction of new devices and technologies are influencing consumer behavior.

The survey provides a glimpse into the evolving world of the connected consumer.

·         Product and device ownership and value

·         Mobile app usage

·         Streaming video

·         Binge watching

·         Multitasking

·         Advertising

·         Social media


As technology evolves, so does the connected consumer

In year one of our survey, respondents reported enjoying watching live television in the comfort of their homes. Ten years later respondents enjoy binge watching—sometimes five shows in one sitting—and can watch content on-the-go via a mobile device or in the comfort of the their homes from a flat panel TV.

Other highlights from this year’s survey include:

·         70 percent of US consumers binge watch television

·         Nearly half of US consumers subscribe to streaming media services—highest in survey history

·         Online reviews and social media eclipse TV advertising for many millennials

·         Two-thirds of millennials value interactions with friends on social media as much as time spent in-person

Digital democracy survey
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