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Deloitte named a leader in IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting by Kennedy

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Kennedy has named Deloitte a leader in IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting in their report entitled IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting 2015.

The report lays out the opportunities and challenges for IT Infrastructure Transformation consulting providers focusing on market trends, client spending forecasts, and the provider landscape, and includes profiles of select key organizations. According to Kennedy, “IT infrastructure transformation consulting supports the restructuring of IT infrastructure and IT processes to reduce risk and costs, increase nimbleness, enhance value and quality across the organization, and increase competitive advantage.”

Discussing the projected steady growth in the industry, the report says, “IT infrastructure transformation consulting spend will be driven by the need for large and established companies to invest in IT infrastructure that better enables the business to perform daily operations and meet its goals, while also reducing risk (i.e., regulatory noncompliance and IT security threats) and costs (i.e., the maintenance of aging and redundant IT infrastructure).”

Specifically for Deloitte, Kennedy notes, “Deloitte offers clients a consistently strong IT infrastructure transformation consulting portfolio across capabilities. The firm has developed an array of tools and accelerators to simplify and fast-track assessments and analysis in a targeted manner that results in in-depth recommendations, strategies and roadmaps for key areas of an IT infrastructure transformation.”


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