SAP - Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain transformation is a business issue before it becomes a technology issue. Every change you make to the supply chain can trigger a cascade of direct and not-so-direct effects on your business, so you need a team that knows the implications of change. Deloitte knows how to deliver results from your supply chain that match your company’s most important business goals, using a wide range of business and technology experience.

When it's time to bring technology into the picture, our close collaboration with SAP means that we know how to deliver effective business solutions. SAP is a leading provider of supply chain technology, delivering an integrated solution that addresses the full life cycle.

Here are some of the services we offer

  • Supply chain strategy and planning
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Product innovation and life cycle management

Bottom-line benefits

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve operating and financial performance
  • Meet and improve service level targets
  • Reduce inefficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Increase quality and regulatory compliance
  • Establish stronger, more transparent relationships with key partners
  • Standardize processes to ensure compliance
  • Lower business risk profile