Trufa Analytics Application


Trufa – The Future of Analytics

An Analytics Application for the Digital Enterprise

Trufa is an analytics application that provides insights about business optimization in the enterprise in high speed and precision. In the past, Analytics meant to aggregate numbers into metrics, turn them into pies and bars, and perhaps even calculate trend lines. The complex, but value-adding work – namely to derive insights and actions from the information – has to be done by humans.

With Trufa, Go Beyond Classical Process Mining

Trufa goes beyond this mere visualization of facts. Its machine intelligence offers a new level of analysis. For business goals, such as saving working capital, the software analyzes which measures are effective and how much cash can be freed up. It also calculates the likelihood of this optimization measures.

Trufa in a Nutshell

Process Mining +
Trufa offers fully automated discovery of cash management, profitability and pricing optimization opportunities, classified by economic value

End-to-End Analysis
Trufa performs analysis across (sub-) processes of the cash-to-cash cycle – especially based on order-to-cash (O2C) and procurement-to-pay (P2P).

Business Focus
Trufa is an award-winning user interface, no modelling, no programming, no data scientist needed.

Client Approved
More than 50 clients from multiple industries and company sizes have already successfully used the Trufa analytics solution.

Trufa Analytics Application Desktop

Trufa Covers the Whole Data Lifecycle

From descriptive to prescriptive analytics to identify relevant business opportunities

Descriptive Analytics
Visualization of basic features of the data

Diagnostic Analytics
Root cause analysis and identification of patterns

Predictive Analytics
Simulation of cash or profit impacts

Prescriptive Analytics
Automatic identifycation of optimization opportunities

Trufa Use Case Examples

Working Capital & Cash Management
Identification of opportunities to reduce inventory, optimization of payment terms or accounts receivable & payable

Revenue & Margin Growth
Optimization of profits by analyzing customer satisfaction, product profitability, or pricing

Turnaround & Restructuring Strategy/Drivers
Identification of low performing products, plants, countries, or complexity reduction potentials

Supply Chain Optimization & Strategic Sourcing
Optimization of supplier network, inventory levels and purchase prices, analysis of customer payment history or plant profitability

Target Setting & Planning Support
Identification of realistic targets, of profit drivers and simulation of impacts of measures

S/4HANA Implementation Preparation
Identification of current ERP usage patterns, configuration complexity and their business benefits

Trufa Analytics Application Use Cases