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Insights into the Trinidad & Tobago National Budget 2017/2018

Message from the Managing Partner

It is my hope that the review of the fiscal and other measures outlined in this document, serve to shed light on the impact they may have on both the business community and the wider society.

Across the globe, economies are challenged to persevere and thrive in uncertain markets. Markets which are subject to disruptions through commodity prices, advanced technology and a global vocal community, where companies are forced to adjust to not only governmental and fiscal policies, but also the demands and concerns of their clients and customers.

At Deloitte, we look to support all of our clients with insights and advice to collaboratively move forward into the futurewith the confidence to achieve their business goals. The larger overseas markets have begun to show positive growth and it’s predicted the Latin American region will also experience minimal growth over the next year.

For Trinidad & Tobago, on the heels of regional natural disasters and a challenging domestic economy, it’s essential for businesses to seek innovative methods, whether through processes, new products or new markets and to work with employees and the communities we serve, to increase productivity levels –resulting in the preferred outcome of a buoyant economy: Together we aspire, Together we achieve.

National Budget Review 2017/2018

A stabilizing of the economy is the underlying aim of the 2017/2018 budget with the hope to generate growth in 2019 and beyond.

Measures to promote revenue growth and a resurgence of business and investor confidence in the export and domestic markets are the proposed drivers for GDP expansion. Individuals and businesses will need to make strategically selective choices to leverage opportunities for income enhancement, while balancing the fiscal commitments imposed.

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