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Insights into the Trinidad & Tobago National Budget 2016/2017

Message from the Managing Partner


We are pleased to provide insight on the proposed measures, presented in the 2016/2017 National Budget by the Honourable Minister of Finance, Mr. Colm Imbert.

Deloitte remains committed to being a source of trusted advice and a strategic partner with our clients in the public and private sectors.

As expected, due to sustained low global energy prices, the Trinidad economy continues to be negatively affected. Now more than ever, entities should be mindful of every dollar that is spent, at the same time not losing sight of the opportunities that will present themselves during the ensuing year.

Businesses will also need to continue addressing their risk management procedures and protocols, at the same time leveraging any synergies that may be derived from business ventures and combinations.

Best wishes for continued success.


National Budget Review


In the face of a myriad of economic challenges, most of which is outside the control of Trinidad & Tobago, businesses and consumers will need to wisely select projects and make prudent expenditure choices. While focusing on stability and survival, the country will need stimulus for projected growth and diversification to occur, whether it be through Foreign Direct Investment or locally funded investment, re-investment and entrepreneurship activities.

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