Best Managed Companies Program 2019 Winners recognized at Awards Gala

We applaud these winners and salute them to have joined an esteemed group of 1000 global companies who can say definitively they are BEST MANAGED COMPANIES.

Best Managed Companies Program 2019 sponsors and winners

Congratulations to our 2019 winners!

Trinidad and Tobago’s Best Managed Companies Program reveals those companies that have the same qualities as their international counterparts. Supported locally and steeped in global best practice across industries, companies are bench- marked against the “Best”. It’s now time to recognise in Trinidad and Tobago those Private Companies that are BEST MANAGED. In acknowledgement of their outstanding achievement, it is with great pride that we recognize this year’s winners:

Blue Waters Products Limited; and

Total Convenience Management Limited

Both companies have active and generous corporate responsibility and sustainability programs, with Blue Waters Products Limited providing nationwide sponsorships and offsetting carbon emissions through their plantation and planting of crops. TCM has invested in hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and promotes safe driving through the Arrive Alive NGO.

A lot of the success described by our winners, stems from a heavy focus on development and training of employees with market benchmarks used for compensation decisions. Leadership includes both young and experienced team members which supports succession strategies.


Best Managed companies are already preparing for the future because they know it will be challenging

Best-in-class companies have a few things in common – they operate in different geographies, produce products and services, have varied missions and visions, but those that are best in class and very successful – have one key similarity: they are Best Managed. 

After 25 years of hosting the Best Managed companies program globally, our analysis revealed that Best Managed companies set themselves apart in four key ways: they possess a deeply ingrained focus on the long term, a relentless focus on their people, intentional approaches to innovation that are rooted in meeting the needs of customers, and a strong global orientation.

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Rikhi Rampersad, Managing Partner - Deloitte Trinidad welcomes guests
Peter Brown, Global Leader - Deloitte Best Managed Companies Program
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