Trinidad and Tobago's Best Managed Companies

Introducing Trinidad & Tobago’s Best Managed Companies Program – Are you BEST MANAGED?

Trinidad & Tobago’s ‘Best Managed Companies Program” is a competition to recognize the overall success of strong privately owned companies based on a proven Deloitte framework, reviewing four dimensions: strategic direction, ability to execute, corporate culture, and financial performance.

In a period of intense competition from regional and international players, the local privately owned company needs to ensure longterm success, through efficiency, sound planning & decision making. The private sector and privately owned companies form the foundation and key to growth of the Trinidad & Tobago business landscape. These companies compete with the best in the world, to be adaptable and sustainable in an evolving global market.

The Best Managed Companies program enables companies to be recognized and awarded by independent accessors, the annual designation of “Best Managed Company”. It’s not simply a competition but a program that involves coaching from Deloitte & CIBC FirstCaribbean coaches, informing on key components and guidelines for implementation against the Deloitte framework. The program is currently in fourteen countries worldwide and we are excited to bring it to Trinidad & Tobago.


Why Participate & Why would you want to be known as one of the Best?

The advantages to participating companies are:

  • Applying companies: Independent view on business, framework to scan company, benchmark of performance, 1-1 session with coach from Deloitte and CIBC FirstCaribbean professionals – you receive guidance & best practices insights even if you don’t win.
  • Selected companies: Builds visibility and credibility, networking opportunities, symposium/event, strategic advice for senior mgmt., become part of a community - not only local but a global community

“What we aspire to do is build a network of the very best private companies in Trinidad & Tobago with expansion into the Caribbean and connect that network to the very best private companies worldwide.

A unique program recognized locally and globally, Best Managed Companies:

  • Focuses on privately owned and managed companies 
  • Recognizes overall business performance and sustained growth 
  • Recognizes the efforts of the entire organization 
  • Measures more than financial performance

The Who, Why, When – for application & winning


Companies wishing to apply must meet the following criteria:

  • Revenue greater than TT$35M in the most recent year of operations;
  • Managing finances effectively, adapting to changing market conditions over the past three years;
  • Trinidadian-owned private company; OR
  • Trinidadian-owned subsidiary company controlled by Trinidadian venture capital and Trinidadian private equity firms (greater than 50%); OR
  • Trinidadian-owned public company with fewer than 50% of their shares or units traded.

Ineligible entities include Trinidadian-owned public companies with more than 50% of their shares or units traded; co-ops, credit unions, mutual or co-operative insurance companies; subsidiaries of a foreign owned parent; charities and not-for-profit; government/public sector.

For more information on eligibility, please contact:



There is fame in recognition and winning an award but Trinidad & Tobago’s Best Managed Companies offers unique opportunities.

Benefits to applying: Yes you benefit even if you don’t win!

  • Independent view of business and benchmark against the "Best"
  • Coaching from Deloitte and CIBC FirstCaribbean professionals including customized feedback on company's strategy and performance
  • Detailed self–anlysis of your business focused on strategic and operational issues
  • Shine a light on current best practices and areas for improvement

The benefit of winning: All the benefits of applying and more for the winners

  • Exclusive use of the Trinidad & Tobago’s Best Managed Companies designation. This designation is recognized as a sign of trust and helps attract top talent
  • Highlighted and promoted media exposure
  • Access to year-round networking opportunities with other business leaders and global winners
  • Strengthened ability to attract and retain talent – especially in the millennial talent pool
  • Recognition in the local market and at gala event
  • Celebrate the efforts and commitment of your entire company
  • Professional development at the Trinidad & Tobago’s Best Managed Companies symposium featuring cutting edge thinking and hot topics in business leadership





For more information on eligibility, please contact:

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