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Across all industries, the pace of technological change and business disruption continues to accelerate. As leaders seek to address evolving challenges, many understand that they have to transform their organizations—to become a kinetic enterprise that can quickly adapt and overcome operational inertia.

For many businesses, the path to becoming a next-generation enterprise travels directly through the SAP solutions landscape. As more organizations turn to SAP offerings to transform the enterprise, it becomes critical to understand the major technology trends unfolding today.

To help leaders plan for disruption and build a deeper understanding of the role SAP solutions can play, we have developed a series of articles that take an up-close look at top tech trends. Explore them here and start forming your vision of the next-generation enterprise today. 

Kinetic enterprise: putting the next-generation organization into motion

Kinetic enterprise: putting the next-generation organization into motion

An overview that provides an excellent starting point for understanding six areas that have begun driving business disruptively into the future.

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Machine intelligence

How robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will help define tomorrow’s enterprise.
[Coming October 2017]

Imagining ‘everything as a service,’ reimagining architecture

How containerization and PaaS capabilities can help support the next-generation kinetic enterprise.
[Coming October 2017]

Data in the digital age

How transforming your approach to data can help transform your organization.
[Coming November 2017]

Want even more insights on the latest tech trends? Find them here, in the Deloitte Tech Trends 2017 report.

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