Campus Recruiting

Overseas Student-GUP

To attract overseas talent all over the world to join Deloitte Taiwan, Deloitte Taiwan initiate Global Universities Program in the overseas campus recruiting graduates, we look forward to more and more students get back to Taiwan and find their fit in Deloitte.

Working conditions

We mainly recruit talent with following conditions:

  1. Overseas Campus graduates
  2. With accounting and other business-related background
  3. Positive personality and eager to work in Deloitte
  4. Problem solving and teamwork ability
  5. Basic listening, speaking, reading and writing ability to work in Taiwan office
  6. With the basic requirements of employment in Taiwan, such as: ROC nationality


How to Apply

  1. Please log in your personal information before May 31, 2016.(The application this year has ended.)
  2. Please print job application form and attach a copy of the transcript and photographs (or electronic file instead), mail to the following address:

    12th Floor, Hung Tai Financial Plaza, 156 Min sheng  East Road, Sec. 3 Taipei, 10596, Taiwan, ROC
    Deloitte Human Capital Group 
    i.   Institute: Please attach transcript of university and graduate school
    ii.  University: Please attach the first three academic transcripts, if your are the transfer student, please attached a transcript of previous school
    iii.  If you have pass any English test, please attach a copy of transcript or certification
  3.  Remarks
    i.   Be sure to well prepare above documents, not to affect your interests.
    ii.  Please provide A4 versions of your transcripts and other attachment and staples fixed, to avoid the use of other binding methods or tools.