Banking across borders

International expansion opportunities for emerging markets-based banks

Banks based in emerging market economies have been gaining strength and with that strength, are now looking to expand beyond their borders.

As emerging market-based banks look beyond their borders, the questions of readiness arises.

  • Are these banks prepared for international expansion?
  • What lesson can they learn from banking pioneers that blazed a trail abroad in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s?
  • And what do they need to do to overcome hurdles of language, culture, talent, regulation, and capital to extend their brands into new markets?

This report addresses these issues, discusses the trends influencing international expansion of emerging market-based banks, including world trade flow, growing GDP and fast growing companies. The report also gives some case studies and some examples of bank expansion today; such as the expansion of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and HSBC Holdings, hoping to help emerging markets-based banks strategize the key steps that they will need to take when considering international expansion.

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