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Casey Lai

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Casey Lai is currently the partner of Deloitte & Touche Taiwan. Casey started his professional career in 1988 at Deloitte Ross Taiwan, and held the position as CEO, Chairman of the Board, Reputation and Risk Leader, Financial Advisory (FA) Business Leader and Audit & Assurance (A&A) Business Leader during his over thirty years of Professional career.

Casey specializes in Audit & Assurance with dual master degrees in Accounting and Law and holds Taiwan and US CPA licenses. His clients include local and international companies, covering financial service industries (like banking, insurance and securities), and Technology, Media and Telecommunication industries. As the A&A Business Leader, he actively pursued corporations to go public to strengthen the capital market in Taiwan marketplace.

During his time as FA Business Leader, he provided M&A and taxation advisory services to multinational entities, including the renowned private equity funds, and actively participated in major M&A transaction deals and in assisting enterprises in forming their post-acquisition transformation and grow strategies.

When he acted as the Chairman, he focused on corporate social responsibility and governance related matters.

During his time as the CEO, Deloitte & Touche Taiwan joined Deloitte Asia Pacific (“Deloitte AP”) under his excellent leadership one year ahead of the original combination schedule, so as to strengthen the firm’s collaboration relationships with the other participating firm of Deloitte AP under the theme of Stronger-Together.

Casey Lai