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As a global network comprising Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global), Deloitte member firms, and each of their related entities in more than 150 countries and territories, Deloitte has governance and management structures in place at both the global and member firm levels.

The Deloitte Global Executive

The Deloitte Global Executive, composed of 25 senior leaders from Deloitte Global and select member firms across the global network, is responsible for embedding Deloitte’s Purpose and advancing its aspiration and strategic priorities. The Executive, which meets in person eight times during the year, sets policies and champions initiatives that help the network make an impact that matters for member firm clients, Deloitte professionals, communities and other stakeholders.

Deloitte Global Chief Executive Officer Punit Renjen, who began his four-year term on 1 June 2015, leads and manages this governing body. Renjen appoints the members of the Executive, subject to approval by the Governance Committee of the Deloitte Global Board of Directors.

The Deloitte Global Operating Committee

The Operating Committee, composed of leaders from Deloitte Global and certain member firms aligned to the businesses, regions and other key areas, provides a vital link between strategy and execution that helps Deloitte perform effectively and efficiently.

The Operating Committee is headed by Deloitte Global Chief Operating Officer (COO) Frank Friedman. Its members include, from Deloitte Global, five global business operations leaders, five executive member firm COO representatives, two senior advisors, one regional leader, and leaders from Clients & Industries, Finance, Technology, Talent, Strategy, Legal and Risk.

The Deloitte Global Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Deloitte Global's highest governing body. The Board and its 31 members (as of 1 June 2017) address Deloitte Global’s most important governance issues, including global strategies, major transactions and the election of the CEO. Among its committees is the standing Governance Committee, which exercises periodic oversight in respect of the management of Deloitte Global.

Chairman of the Board David Cruickshank began his four-year term of office on 1 June 2015.

Board members are appointed by individual member firms that are themselves selected based on size, the number of significant clients they serve and other factors. The Board also includes three regional seats, ensuring smaller member firms are represented.

Board composition is multicultural with a proportionate representation of member firms. Gender is considered by member firms as they appoint individuals to these positions. There are currently five women Board members (as of 1 June 2017).

Member firm leadership

To foster effective and responsive management within member firms, Deloitte Global has adopted standards describing specific leadership and governance structures to be implemented by member firms, including:

  • A formal management structure, including an elected chief executive officer or managing partner who is responsible for managing the member firm and working with the member firm's leaders to align its functional and client strategies with Deloitte Global; and
  • A governing body, such as a board of directors, to facilitate sound governance of the individual practice.


Susan Beck
Managing Director, Deloitte Global Communications

Caroline Johns
Secretary to the Deloitte Global Board of Directors

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