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Deloitte at WEF regional summits

In addition to the Annual Meeting at Davos and the Annual Meeting of New Champions in China, the Forum convenes a number of regional summits each year. These events focus on determining the critical actions necessary to deal with regional challenges and improve competitiveness. They provide a platform for business, political and civil society leaders to take a greater role in global governance and secure the prosperity of their countries and regions.

In 2014, Deloitte will participate in all five regional meetings, and will officially support meetings in Panama and India.

India Economic Summit 2014

The India Economic Summit will take place in New Delhi, India, on 4-6 November. This year the theme is "Redefining Public-Private Cooperation for a New Beginning" and the meeting will incorporate the following key issues:

  • Boosting Global Competitiveness
  • Launching a Domestic Systems Reset
  • Scaling Local and Social Innovation

Deloitte's delegation will be led by Gary Coleman, Managing Director, Global Industries. Other members of the delegation will include:

  • Atul Dhawan, Partner, National Leader Clients and Markets, Deloitte India
  • P. R. Ramesh, Chairman and Partner, Deloitte India
  • Udayan Sen, Managing Partner and CEO, Deloitte India

The 2014 World Economic Forum on Latin America

The 2014 World Economic Forum on Latin America took place in Panama City, Panama, on 1-3 April. Delegates convened under the theme “Opening Pathways for Shared Progress: Economic Dynamism, Human Capital & Critical hard and soft Infrastructure”, which integrated the following key issues:

  • Driving Economic Dynamism
  • Innovating for Social Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability
  • Modernizing Economic and Institutional Infrastructure

Deloitte’s delegation was led by Gary Coleman, Managing Director, Global Industries. Other members of the delegation included:

  • Carlos Haehnel, CEO, Deloitte Latco
  • Eduardo Lee, Managing Partner, Deloitte Panama
  • John Levis, Global Chief Innovation Officer and Regional Head, Deloitte Americas
  • Miguel Maxwell, Managing Partner, Deloitte Argentina, and CEO-elect of Deloitte Latco

As an official sponsor for the summit our Head of Delegation, Gary Coleman, had a speaking role on the public programme for the session “Innovating for Competitiveness” on 2 April. The session addressed how Latin America could foster innovation-driven entrepreneurship in order to ensure long-term competitiveness. Dimensions addressed included:

  • Developing and deploying adequate human and financial resources
  • Rethinking governance schemes
  • Creating a culture of innovation

The 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa

The 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa took place in Abuja, Nigeria, on 7-9 May. The theme for the summit was “Forging Inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs”, which focused on the following three pillars:

  • Redesigning Growth Models
  • Deepening Investment Partnerships
  • Accelerating Society’s Transformation

Deloitte’s delegation included:

  • Olufemi Abegunde, Chairman, Deloitte Nigeria Governance Board
  • Joseph Eshun, Partner, Deloitte East Africa
  • Thiru Pillay, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, Africa

The 2014 World Economic Forum on East Asia

The World Economic Forum on East Asia took place in Manila, Philippines, on 21-23 May. Delegates convened under the theme “Leveraging Growth for Equitable Progress”, which integrated the following dimensions:

  • Achieving Equitable Progress
  • Advancing Models for Sustainable Growth
  • Realizing Regional Connectivity

Deloitte’s delegation was led by Gary Coleman, Managing Director, Global Industries. Other members of the delegation included:

  • Chaly Mah, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Asia-Pacific
  • Gregorio Navarro, Managing Partner & CEO, Deloitte Philippines
  • Philip Yuen, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Singapore

World Economic Forum Special Meeting on Unlocking Resources for Regional Development 2014

The Special Meeting on Unlocking Resources for Regional Development took place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 28-29 September. The meeting engaged delegates on the regional and national transformations currently impacting the regions of Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), focusing in particular on the following themes:

  • Building Entrepreneurial and Inclusive Economies
  • Infrastructure as a Platform for Growth
  • Shifting Energy Dynamics across the Region
  • The Future of the Region and Turkey’s Forthcoming G20 Presidency

Deloitte was represented by:

  • Hüseyin Gürer, Managing Partner and CEO, Deloitte Turkey
  • Rana Salhab, Partner, Regional Talent and Communications, Deloitte Middle East
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