Economic Analysis of Burundi 2015

Northeasterly bearing


Economic growth and the improvement of the macroeconomic indicators observed these last ten years did not have

satisfactory impact on poverty reduction.

Despite great strides in the improvement of the business environment, the development of the private sector remain

still constrained by lack of electricity and the weakness of the judicial system.

With socio-political tensions that are widening in the run-up to the elections, the year 2015 might not be conducive

to the development and growth but a year of the status quo.

Long term wise, the future of Burundi is very promising and the acceleration of the construction of hydroelectric dams

projects, mining of the reserves of Nickel and the reform of both coffee and tea sector, seem to be able to bring the

country‘s growth to 8% + and to reduce the level of poverty. To do this, it will take efforts beginning in the field of

improving economic governance and fight against corruption should be accelerated.

Economic Outlook 2015
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