Mergers and Acquisitions Offerings


Mergers and Acquisitions

Bringing organizations together through mergers and acquisitions, or carving them out through separations and divestitures, are among the most complex business activities an organization will ever undertake.

Deloitte is the only professional services firm that can advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal life cycle. From conceiving strategy to selecting the right partner. From conducting thorough due diligence to closing the deal. From beginning to end, we align our services to address your transactions, integration, and separation needs, all with the goal of generating value for our clients.

M&A Strategy

Before even considering an M&A deal, your organization should step back and think strategically: evaluating external markets, competitors, and business units to determine whether M&A plays a role in your business’s growth or in securing strategic capabilities.

Deloitte’s M&A Strategy practice can help you identify corporate and business unit objectives and determine whether those can be achieved through M&A. We analyze market opportunities, weigh different industry evolution scenarios, and identify potential acquisitions. As part of a larger business portfolio review, M&A strategy may also encompass divestiture strategies, whether an outright sale, initial public offering (IPO), or spin-off. 

Our services encompass:

  • M&A Advisory
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Strategic Review
  • Readiness Reviews (M&A or Separation)
  • Core Competency & Industry Analysis
  • Competitor & Market Reaction Analysis
  • Joint Ventures/Alliance Assessment
  • Target Identification
  • Tax Optimization

Transaction Readiness

Your M&A deal should leave nothing to chance. It’s critical to know everything about an acquisition target or a potential buyer before closing the deal.

Deloitte’s Transaction Readiness practice performs the preliminary due diligence essential to avoiding problems later on. This includes establishing key criteria for targets and buyers and facilitating selection. It is critical that the selected buyer is well-prepared to assume control of the divested business and integrate operations.

Our services encompass:

  • Target Screening
  • Operating Model Assessment 
  • Pre-bid Advisory/Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Preliminary Synergy & Cost To Achieve Analysis
  • Blueprint Development
  • Buyer Identification & Relationship Building
  • Deal/Tax Structuring
  • Identification & Quantification of Key Value Levers/Upsides
  • Separation Design & Structure

Transaction Diligence & Execution

Faced with constrained time frames and exclusivity windows for options, M&A deal teams must act quickly, without sacrificing thoroughness.

Deloitte’s Transaction Diligence & Execution practice provides the necessary rigor at the critical time — performing valuations, conducting due diligence, assessing deal benefits, planning for integration, and streamlining deal closing. 

We provide comprehensive financial, strategic, operational and transactional due diligence processes leading to solid letters of intent, sale and purchase agreements as well as Transaction Services Agreements. Tax guidance identifies efficiencies and strengthens an organization’s negotiating position. Due diligence and risk assessment helps satisfy lenders risk concerns in today's expanding deal environment.

Our services encompass:

  • Model Review/Accretion Analysis
  • Bid Support
  • Capital/Financing Advisory
  • Negotiation Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Clean Team & Program Set-Up
  • IPO Readiness and Assist
  • Non-Binding Offer Evaluation
  • Data Room Preparation
  • Negotiation Support
  • Fairness Opinion
  • Carve-Out Financials and Business Plan
  • Transition Service Agreement (TSA) Schedule Drafting
  • Detailed Separation Planning

Carve Out & Separation

While divestiture activities can play an important role in unlocking value, these transactions often strain an organization’s resources beyond their limits.

Deloitte’s Carve Out & Separation practice focuses on meeting Day 1 requirements, positioning for stability after the separation occurs, and securing the strategic viability of the stand-alone company. In most divestitures, we continue to serve an organization following the closing date to ensure a full transition of operations and technology assets to the buyer or the stand-alone company. During this period, sellers may provide agreed-upon services under Transition Services Agreements (TSAs),  which Deloitte may help structure , and they remove inefficiencies (e.g., stranded costs) from their operations.

Our services encompass: 

  • Sale & Purchase Agreement Advisory (SPA)  
  • TSA Management
  • TSA Tracking Support  
  • TSA Testing  
  • Operationalization of TSAs 
  • TSA Exit Readiness  
  • Carve Out Separation Support  
  • Stranded Cost Analysis & Elimination Support  
  • Completion Statement Advisory 
  • Day 1 Plan and Readiness

Integration Strategy & Execution

Preparations made prior to closing an M&A deal are just the beginning. Execution — fulfilling strategic expectations for the deal — is where shareholder value is ultimately generated.

Deloitte’s Integration Strategy & Execution practice help organizations define the pace and degree of integration that will take place once an acquisition or merger occurs.  This includes deal success and measurement criteria, building a communication strategy into the integration plan, integrating and retaining key personnel, building tactical plans for the first 100 days, and transitioning into the post-merger environment. Post-Day 1 is the start of the new organization and begins the work of implementing the combined organization structure and work processes.

Our services encompass:

  • Sale & Purchase Agreement Advisory (SPA)
  • Financing Agreement Advisory
  • Transaction Execution Support
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Day 1 Planning
  • Integration Planning
  • Synergy & Program Reporting
  • Organization Design & Implementation
  • Customer/Product and Growth Strategy
  • Supply Chain/Manufacturing & R&D Optimization
  • Infrastructure Rationalization
  • Culture and Change Management Program 
  • 100 Day Plan