Upcoming Olvia and Kherson port concession tenders


Upcoming Olvia and Kherson port concession tenders

How Deloitte Ukraine can help an investor?

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority with an advisory support by IFC are to announce shortly two concession tenders for Olvia Sea Port and Kherson Sea Trade Port.

We are sure every investor needs an advisory support during structured concession and PPP tenders.

It is important for investor to:

1. fully understand the value of assets to be received, the current and prospective economics of the business, tax and legal aspects of concession operations, and the project-associated risks;

2. properly evaluate its investment return and how it is affected by the business specifics, key cargo market prospects, the required CapEx program and ongoing OpEx, including mandatory expenses under the concession agreement.

The investor’s bid must meet all formal requirements of the tender.

That’s where Deloitte’s experience come in handy:

  • in due diligence,
  • modeling,
  • evaluating the project economics for greenfield / brownfield projects,
  • tax and legal deal structuring,
  • a great deal of experience in the port infrastructure industry / operations,
  • as well as PPP expertise in Ukraine and CIS.

Under the current concession law, duration of a tender is limited to 60 days. That is why it is important for an interested investor to start working on the project even before the concession tender is officially announced.  

Deloitte Ukraine is here to help and give you a heads up.
If interested, please contact Dmytro Pavlenko, Legal Director, or Illya Segeda, Senior Manager at Financial Advisory.

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