Operations Transformation Offerings


Operations Transformation

Deloitte’s Operations Transformation practice helps clients implement their corporate strategy and accomplish their business objectives. Using our deep sector and technical expertise we transform our clients’ core business and operations, helping them to prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda and maximize operational efficiency. We bring the breadth and depth of Deloitte’s capabilities to our clients, delivering real value by designing and running impactful transformation programs.

Operations Excellence

Our clients are navigating a shifting landscape characterized by increasing customer expectations, economic and regulatory uncertainty, and rapid public adoption of new technologies and channels. Deloitte’s Operations Excellence practice brings a unique depth of sector and functional knowledge to transform core processes through agile delivery. We work with clients across all industries applying next-generation solutions, including robotics and cognitive tools, to optimize operations and ensure they meet the organization’s cost, customer experience and growth objectives.

Helps clients design and deliver processes to enhance experiences through customer-led design.

Helps clients improve processes and transform in a landscape of increasing regulation.

Helps clients redesign processes and identify opportunities for automation to improve customer experience and eliminate waste.

Helps clients design processes that are digital by default and deliver across all channels.

Enterprise Model Design & Transformation Programs

Enterprise Model Design helps organizations drive operational changes required to achieve its vision. We connect the strategy and business model to the appropriate operating model; creating organisational agility, defining the capabilities required to win, leveraging the full potential of technology and helping businesses to embrace modern technologies that help them thrive in today’s digital world.

Transformation Programs helps organizations design, execute and manage large-scale transformation programs with a singular focus on value realisation.


We help companies realise their strategy by:

  • Defining the interaction and accountability between corporate, business units, customer segments, support functions and geographies.
  • Designing business capability blueprints and multi-layered operating models that leverage the power of digital technologies and, integrate technology in every aspect of the organisation’s enterprise model design and establish organizational agility to optimize entire businesses, specific functions or business units.


  • We offer a big-picture perspective to your C-suite; providing critical decision-making, risk management, and resource tools with industry focus to help you navigate the journey; and chart a course for the least resistance, cost, and delay in achieving your objectives.
  • Deloitte’s approach to Transformation leverages its significant experience in driving change in large-scale, complex transformations across industries, while focusing on the need for appropriate talent, process, systems, and tools to manage critical integration points and risk factors.

Strategic Cost Transformation

Support clients to optimize and align costs strategically through the implementation of traditional approaches, target operating models and advanced cost solutions related to automation and cognitive technologies. Our final aim is helping clients to transform their business and operations to achieve sustainable actions that allow capture of savings, margin improvement and strategically allocate resources to growth initiatives.


Save to turnaround. Focus on immediate actions to reduce costs, maximize liquidity, bring stability, and capture savings to avoid further deterioration of the business.


Save  to fund.  Focus  on actions  that help  improve cost  and competitive  position,  avert cuts that  might  inhibit  future  growth,  and  rebalance  costs  to  fund  investments  in  business strategy enablers.


Save  to  grow.  Enable  or  develop  a  scalable  cost  or  business  platform  to  fuel  growth  and investment in core capabilities while supporting a differentiated business strategy.


Save to transform. Improve business operations through application of disruptive cost approaches  such  as  automation  and  cognitive  solutions  to  enable  agile  strategies  in  the business and set the stage to thrive in a fast changing market environment.

Global Business Services

Deloitte’s  Global  Business  Services  practice  focuses  on optimally linking multiple  stakeholders  in a  global,  responsive, integrated  and  dynamic  service  delivery  network.  It  focuses  on  delivering  required  value  ‘on-time,  all-the-time’  by building a network of right nodes by creating a common governance model and standardized infrastructure to deliver services   across   geographies,   business   units,   functions   and   business   processes   to   improve   delivery   efficiency, effectiveness while also creating next generation platforms in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) and Intelligent Automation.


Helps  organizations  realign  processes  and  services  into  centralized  standardized  operating models (cost effective and quality driven), effectively supporting the business and providing a platform to enable future growth in one to multiple countries while allowing the companies to focus on the core business.


Helps organizations evaluate the value of outsourcing and how to successfully navigate the full  lifecycle  of  the  outsourcing  journey,  including  IT,  Finance,  Procurement  and  industry specific processes.


Helps  our  clients  modernize  their  outsourced/shared  services,  including  helping  them  to embrace and prepare for new technologies (e.g. robotics).

Real Estate & Location Strategy

Helps organizations create significant value with every real estate and location decision. Optimizes real estate operations and the enterprise footprint by combining leading edge strategies with the latest technology in real estate and location analytics to help organizations minimize costs, access new pools of talent, and mitigate risk.

Real Estate Transformation

Helps organizations address their real estate portfolio, facilities management operating model, and workplace strategy by executing complex programs that improve service delivery, accelerate enterprise productivity and mitigate risk.

Technology Enablement

Enables transformation of real estate operations with appropriate technology that promotes effective portfolio planning, reporting and management. Ensures alignment and compliance with latest accounting standards for lease contracts.

Location Strategy

Help organizations address complex location and footprint issues with strategies and methodology that includes global site selection, location analytics, site and talent market due diligence, and incentives negotiations.

Enterprise Health System Solutions

Our EHSS practice partners with healthcare administrators, clinicians and operational leaders. We provide services that support the journey to integrated clinical and patient financial information systems that support improved clinical, operational, and financial performance. We focus on maintaining regulatory compliance while enhancing cost- effectiveness, patient care and outcomes. Solutions span from strategy to implementation to post go live optimization and include system selection, benefits and value realization, operational transformation and workflow redesign, systems integration, change leadership & training, clinician engagement and large-scale program management.


Execute scoping and planning, perform system selection, create governance models.


Lead process redesign, provide best practice advisory, establish systems integration and architecture frameworks, provide digital patient engagement solutions.


Facilitate end user adoption, create and execute communication plans, construct clinician and physician engagement strategies.


Enable measured clinical effectiveness, build EHR 2.0 functions like enterprise analytics, population health management, and process automation.

Revenue Cycle

Our end-to-end Revenue Cycle transformation services help healthcare Provider clients achieve financial goals of net revenue improvement and cost reduction while simultaneously enhancing the patient’s experience through the following approaches:

Transform processes

Redesign processes, enhance technology, redesign operating model, lower cost through
robotics and process automation.

Elevate experience

Develop and implement a customer and digital patient strategy to elevate patient satisfaction and improve efficiency and outcomes.

Improve documentation

Improve quality of clinical documentation and accuracy of medical coding; enhance revenue capture and reconciliation processes to improve net revenue.

Mitigate risk

Evaluate compliance of key systems and processes with US and state regulations and mitigate risk.

Robotics & Cognitive Innovation

Deloitte’s Operations Transformation practice applies robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive technologies to achieve enhanced business productivity, process accuracy and customer service, by augmenting or replicating human actions and judgement. There are three cross-industry R&CI offerings which we collectively refer to as the Deloitte Cognitive Advantage:


Move employees up the value chain and improve performance - reducing errors, time, and cost through the use of software to augment or replicate human actions and decisions.

Example: RPA processes credit card applications in a fraction of the time, based on pre-defined rules.


Provide clients with distinctive insight into their operations through cognitive data analytics, to drive efficiency and discover opportunities for growth.

Example: Natural Language Processing (NLP) automatically generates forms and letters, based on data inputs.


Use intelligent agents to deliver consumer personalization at scale, together with targeted insights to amplify consumer experiences.

Example: Chat-bots provide Tier 1 support directly to customers in a contact center.