Business trends

Deloitte’s Business Trends 2014 features 9 trends all directly related to a major question for many organizations: What is going on with the global economy? These trends will increasingly influence strategic priorities in three distinct areas: new consumers, new collaborations, and new leadership.


City planet

Companies will approach cities not only for market growth, but also as talent centers, innovation hubs, learning laboratories, and “proving grounds” for solutions to the world’s toughest problems. 


Anticipatory supply chains

Supply chains are evolving into rich, data-intensive networks that not only perform efficiently and recover quickly from disruptions, but may also be able to spot and avert risks.


The C-suite: Time for version 3.0?

The next-generation C-suite must transcend functional boundaries to secure enhanced alignment and coherence

Eamonn Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer for Strategy & Operations


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