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Ukraine is an attractive market for international companies. Diversifying your company’s operations, reaching new customers, and tapping into new sources of resources and talent – are only a few of the benefits. Entering new markets requires deliberate investments into research and sound advice. We will do this for you.

How Deloitte Greets can help foreign companies to start business in Ukraine

First Meeting
  • Free introductory discussion with a Tax & Legal partner
  • You will be guided by a single manager in Ukraine responsible for all consulting flows

What we do?
  • Review of corporate tax and other regulatory requirements for the incorporation process, including determination of the most appropriate and tax efficient structure
  • Advice on tax issues related to funding of a new entity, operational activities in Ukraine and future profit repatriation
  • Legal analysis and concise comments on licensing requirements/permits
  • Evaluating employment tax law and obligations toward employees and contractors
  • Registration of the company
  • Assistance in obtaining required licenses and permits
  • Immigration services

  • Practical understanding of key Ukrainian regulatory and tax matters applicable to your business
  • Detailed roadmap and its realization

Deloitte Greets Presentation

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Deloitte Greets | Deloitte Ukraine