Dispute resolution


Dispute resolution

Tax risks and tax authorities’ claims significantly impact business operations, and often the very existence of a business, in Russia. Russian tax laws are full of gaps and ambiguities which can adversely affect the development of your business. Moreover, the taxpayer often faces opposition from the tax authorities when claiming a tax refund, during the consideration of objections to the results of tax audits, or when appealing the unlawful decisions of tax authorities and officials.

The tax dispute resolution team consists of highly qualified lawyers specializing in tax law and the settlement of tax disputes. The lawyers on our team possess unique experience in the pre-court settlement of claims, case preparation and court representation in the field of tax disputes, and to date have won 98% of their cases.

We provide the following services

  • Tax advice in complicated legal situations (e.g. legal reclassification of a transaction by a tax authority, tax consequences and recommendations on optimizing the organizational structure of business)
  • Pre-court settlement of tax disputes (legal support during tax audits, preparation of objections to tax audits and representation during discussions of tax audit materials with tax authorities)
  • Representation in tax disputes in all types of proceedings (development of defense strategy, implementation of measures preventing the collection of funds, preparation of court documents and participation in court hearings)
  • Legal support for clients in the course of activities performed by enforcement authorities in the taxation sphere.