Foreign banking facilitation services


Foreign banking facilitation services

The changes are underway globally, causing the banks to toughen their customer and customer operations policies. As part of our facilitation services, we help to select a bank, prepare the documents required, pass the compliance procedure, and activate an account

Selection of the bank:

  • Check of the client's needs and requirements against the banks' interests and needs, then select banks based on the customer profile
  • Assistance with obtaining a prior bank's confirmation of the possibility to open accounts


Preparation of documents and information:

  • Provision of the client with a list of documents and information requested by the selected bank
  • Assistance with preparing the information and documents required for passing the compliance procedure
  • Support through the entire procedure of identification of the customer and its representatives by the bank
  • Communication with the bank on behalf of the client to address any issues related to the account opening procedure



  • Assistance with preparing answers to compliance questions that arise while the client is being checked


Account activation:

  • Arranging for obtaining electronic means of managing an account after its activation.


Vira Savva

Vira Savva

Manager, Tax & Legal

Manager of Tax & Legal Department in Deloitte Ukraine, a specialist in issues of interaction with foreign banks. Vira accompanies the procedure of bank account opening, advises in the field of currenc... More