Pavlo Plastovets

Chief Innovation Officer

Pavlo Plastovets

48, 50a Zhylyanska St.




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Pavlo is a Chief Innovation Officer in Deloitte Ukraine.

He has 10 years of experience in audit and 4 years of experience in innovations. As an audit Senior Manager, Pavlo has extensive experience in providing assurance and advisory services to companies that operate in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, and Australia. As a Chief Innovation Officer, Pavlo assures that owners and employees of the Company apply proper instruments for developing their business in the circumstances of extreme uncertainties.

He has a broad experience in Food Processing and Agriculture and successfully converges this industry knowledge and audit experience with innovation skills (associative thinking, observing, questioning, networking, and experimenting) and innovation methodology (design thinking, lean production, lean start-up and SCRUM) to create new solutions for Deloitte clients.

As a Chief Innovation Officer, Pavlo has designed corporate innovations as a strategic process and revenue growth engine and runs the process of designing new innovative products and services for the firm.

Key innovation projects:

  • Deloitte Export Hub – export agency of Deloitte of bringing Ukrainian products to EU retail shelves;
  • Deloitte for farmers – expert support of farmers’ cooperation and efficient running of business;
  • City Hackathon– design thinking strategy for cities
  • Deloitte DocSensus – electronic documents solution for companies on Blockchain.
Pavlo Plastovets