Viktoria Chornovol

Partner, Tax & Legal

Viktoria Chornovol

48, 50a Zhylyanska St.




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Viktoria Chornovol is a Partner of Tax & Legal department. Viktoria joined Deloitte in 1999. From 2012 to 2017, Viktoria headed Deloitte Ukraine tax and legal practice. Since 2018, after coming back from a short maternity leave, Viktoria has been leading global employment and corporate tax practices. In 1998, she obtained her Diploma in Legal Regulation of Economy; in 2002, she completed her CPA certification.

In November 2018, Viktoria was elected a Сo-chair of the Tax Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Viktoria’s clients mainly include subsidiaries of multinational companies operating in Ukrainian market.

Viktoria Chornovol