African Powers of Consumer Products 2016

Africa’s Top 50 Consumer Product companies

The inaugural African Powers of Consumer Products report examines and lists the Top 50 Consumer Product (CP) companies on the continent, based on publicly available data from 15 African stock exchanges. The period measured is financial year 2015 (FY15). Our FY15 definition encompasses companies’ with financial years ending through May 2016. It also discusses developing themes affecting African CP companies and provides an African economic outlook.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Collectively, Africa’s Top 50 CP companies generated revenues of US$30bn in FY15
  • On average, FY15 revenues declined by 7.5% in US dollar and grew by 4.7% in local currency
  • South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Morocco account for 64% of the Top 50
  • The largest company leads with a revenue of US$2.6bn in FY15
  • The lowest company recorded a revenue of US$147.7m in FY15
  • South Africa (8) and Nigeria (2) account for all the Top 10 CP companies
  • The food sub-sector accounts for 64% of the Top 50 followed by beverages at 28%
  • 23 companies in the Top 50 are based in Southern Africa, 18 in North Africa, 6 in West Africa and 3 in East Africa

APCP Infographic

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