Tech Trends 2016

Deloitte’s seventh annual Technology Trends report explores eight trends that illustrate ways that today’s CIOs can shape tomorrow for every corner of their organizations. Read about the trends below.




Introduction: Innovating in the digital era

Janet Foutty, Craig Hodgetts, & Bill Briggs

Technology leaders are in a rare position to imagine a future, and then harness innovation to build it responsibly from the realities of today.



(video) Innovating in the digital era

Yesterday’s science fiction fantasies are evolving into tomorrow’s business realities, putting technology leaders in a rare position to imagine a…



Right-speed IT

Mark White, Judy Pennington, Tom Galizia, & Mike Habeck

Separating “innovation” from “maintenance” can be bad for IT morale. Forward-thinking CIOs are embracing delivery models that distribute agile…



Augmented and virtual reality go to work

Nelson Kunkel, Steve Soechtig, Jared Miniman, & Chris Stauch

While the consumer world waits for dominant augmented and virtual reality players to emerge, businesses can fast-track adoption—and begin the process of…



Internet of Things: From sensing to doing

Andy Daecher & Robert Schmid

The IoT’s true value lies in its disruptive potential for reimagining business processes and, ultimately, rewiring business, government, and society.



Reimagining core systems

Scott Buchholz, Ben Jones, & Pavel Krumkachev

Accelerating digital transformation and emerging technologies such as sensors, connected devices, blockchain, and cognitive computing are making it a…



Autonomic platforms

Ranjit Bawa, Jacques de Villiers, & George Collins

Almost all traditional IT operations could be candidates for autonomic computing—which really means taking automation to the next level by basing it in…



Blockchain: Democratized trust

Eric Piscini, Joe Guastella, Alex Rozman, & Tom Nassim

Trust is foundational to business, yet maintaining trust—particularly throughout a global economy—is expensive, time-consuming, and, in many cases…

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