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Tapping the power of SAP® Leonardo to launch the digital enterprise

As the pace of digital business evolves, SAP has stepped forward with the SAP® Leonardo Digital Innovation System—a portfolio of technologies that can help you get ahead of tomorrow’s big challenges and tap new opportunities in the digital economy.

From IoT services and machine learning capabilities to the SAP Cloud Platform and edge computing, SAP Leonardo offers a host of capabilities that can help enable tomorrow’s digital enterprise. To help unlock the full potential of SAP Leonardo, Deloitte has teamed with SAP to deliver new use cases, integrated market solution and products that can help you accelerate the innovation cycle while also strengthening your core business.

    Solutions for tomorrow’s demands

    The Deloitte Reimagine Platform developed around SAP Leonardo can help you better manage exponential data growth, radically transform your digital core capabilities, accelerate innovation, and unlock exponential value. The Deloitte Reimagine Platform leverages the SAP Leonardo capabilities combined with Deloitte’s industry thought leadership, business transformation experience, broader technology capabilities and strategic alliances.

    Want to get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges, manage disruption, and build the live enterprise? The Deloitte Reimagine Platform can help.

    VELP Scientifica

    VELP Scientifica is leveraging SAP Leonardo to build a cloud IoT platform that can provide insights into how customers use products—helping improve user experience and reveal growth opportunities. Learn more from Deloitte.

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    Reimagine Platform –Solution Roadmap (January 2018)

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    With Deloitte Reimagine Platform solutions, you can start delivering exponential results throughout the enterprise—by automating layers of processes, radically improving insights for strategic decision-making, and uncovering new opportunities for value.

    Ready to build a live enterprise that can thrive in tomorrow’s digital economy? So are we. Contact us to get started and to learn more about Deloitte Reimagine Platform offerings.

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