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E=mc²: A radical equation for Industry 4.0

Isn’t that Physics? I hear you say…And isn’t Industry 4.0 about the convergence of physical and digital technologies? How do these two even connect?! 

You are right on both counts! But stay with me for a minute and you’ll see that how this makes sense. 

E=mc² by Albert Einstein needs no introduction. It’s the most famous equation in the history of equations and one that has appeared in millions of pop culture references. Even if you knew nothing about equations, you would recognize this one at first sight. The equation revolutionized the world of physics by connecting the mass of an object with its energy for the first time. 

The world of business today, in many ways, is witnessing a revolution that the world of physics did at the turn of the century. Industry 4.0 is upon us. 

Deloitte defines Industry 4.0 as a revolution that is embedding smart, connected technology not only within organizations, but also our daily lives.

This unprecedented situation calls for an equation that will help future leaders prepare their organizations to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And this is where E=mc² comes in. 

E=mc²: Experimentation = mindset x communication²

As a leader of tomorrow, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to communicate. This attitude would lead you to be more open to experimentation.

E=mc²: Empowerment = maturity x change management²

When you embark on the journey of becoming the leader of tomorrow, you need to have the maturity to adapt to fast-paced changes. Changes that are so fast that, at times, it might be difficult to keep up and beyond just advanced technologies. As a leader, the maturity you show towards adapting to these fast-paced changes will set you apart as a role model. A perfect balance of maturity and flexibility will empower you and the people around you. 

E=mc²: Energy = mindfulness x consistency²

Dealing with fast-paced changes can at times be overwhelming and practicing mindfulness will help ensure your wellness. 

Remember, being mindful is not a one-time process; you should be consistent in following your practices and be mindful to feel energized at work. So, there you go again: E=mc²

This equation can be one of the tools in your arsenal to help you prepare and embrace this revolution confidently. What is your E=mc²?


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