Posted: 08 Nov. 2019 5 min. read

Explore your fit

Navigate through career opportunities with this custom guide

What happens if we could help you understand how you might best fit into Deloitte?

What role may fit you better over another? 

Help is here with our Explore Your Fit tool.

At Deloitte, there are thousands of possibilities. Whether you are a tech whiz, an experienced consultant, a certified CPA, or an adept designer, you can use the tool to find out which opportunity at Deloitte is the best match with your experience and interests.

Our approach with this tool is to ensure the skills, talent, and experience you are looking to bring to Deloitte are complemented with the opportunities we offer. Through this guide, we aim to ensure you have a customized start to carving out your unique journey with Deloitte.

By answering a few questions on the tool, you’ll have an online guide with information and links based on your background and interests. The tool makes clearer the impact Deloitte could have on your career, and how you may impact the world through Deloitte.

All you have to do is launch the experience, and tell us:

  • Your background
  • How you prefer to work

And we deliver a customized guide to help you navigate potential career opportunities. It only takes you a very short while to complete.

Deloitte encourages you to seek out a career path where your work leaves you inspired, as you drive projects which may fundamentally reshape industries, while leveraging your strengths and experience in new ways on a big scale. The tool is a step in the direction of acknowledging the need for flexibility and choice to customize and build the career and life you want.


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To know more about which opportunity at Deloitte is the best match with your experience and interests, experience the Explore Your Fit tool.

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