Posted: 15 Oct. 2019 5 min. read

It's all about our people

Connect, collaborate, and celebrate

Deloitte has a culture built on inclusion, collaboration, high performance, and opportunity. A combination of these helps our professionals make a difference individually and collectively.

What comes to your mind when you think about Deloitte?

What business do you think Deloitte is in?

Are we auditors, tax professionals, consultants, risk and financial advisory professionals? 

Deloitte is into all these businesses, and more—we are more industries, services, and specialties than most people care to keep track of.

To run its businesses effectively, Deloitte relies on its people. People are the one thing in common that our two markets share—the market for talent and the market for clients. The people who choose us, don’t just choose us for the work we do, but for the way we workthe collegial, collaborative and supportive environment we foster.

Here, you will find there is a focus on connection, support, and owning your career.

Connection: Deloitte is committed to helping you make the professional connections you need to not only create meaningful relationships, but also opportunities for collaboration. And you can find the sense of connection you’re looking for through our formal and informal opportunities.

Support and well-being: We know that having the flexibility to work in ways that allow you to perform well and the support to help you maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life is important. It’s why we continue to listen to our employees and provide them with active support programs and tools to help maintain balance.

Career development and growth: Deloitte’s culture is one of continuous learning. You can find opportunities based on your strengths and development opportunities for skills you’d like to build. The learner-centric design of our development opportunities and performance feedback is intended to create a roadmap for your career growth that lets you own your development.

When our people come together, it helps build meaningful relationships in a collaborative space centered around leadership, inclusion, innovation, and continuous learning, all of which deliver results.

Our people not only define our workplace culture, but also are integral to supporting the business. At Deloitte, we celebrate our people.


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