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A generation Z change maker’s views

Sakshi Agarwal, founder of ‘The Farm Theory’, shared her expectations and aspirations as a gen Z, from the Indian education system, to make learning more holistic and relevant.

Sakshi Agarwal, a 17-year old change maker, founded ‘The Farm Theory’, which stands for the "Future of Agriculture Relies on Me."

About The Farm Theory

It was founded to help farmers in India and address the issue of reducing waste of agricultural produce. About 30% of the produce is dumped in landfills—produce which is not beautiful looking but is still very suitable for consumption. This is called ‘ugly produce’. In other words, The Farm Theory’s focus is on creating an innovative and sustainable solution to the agricultural value chain where regular and ugly produce goes directly from farms to consumers, thereby, letting farmers earn up to 20–30% more revenue. Moreover, this approach aims to educate people and spread awareness about ugly produce, to further help the current state of farmers in India.

As a generation Z change maker, Sakshi shared how she has been able to create such an innovative and novel business to address a need in the Indian economy. She credited her ability to the confidence and emotional support extended to her by her father, and partly towards the schooling.

In her appeal to the academic leaders, she drew their attention to the changed outlook of Gen Z toward jobs and moving away from the traditional sense of being ‘job seekers’. She pointed out if, as educators, they could look at inculcating a mindset of changemaking in young minds, then those minds can have the chance to propel the future via a world of creative collaboration.

“We need people who can identify problems, develop sustainable solutions; those who can create employment, accept and embrace tech, work towards a shared vision, and not just those who are mere job seekers.”

Sakshi Agarwal, a Gen Z change maker.
Sakshi Agarwal, a Gen Z change maker.

She also pointed towards the integral role of AI in the future, co-existing with the emotional intelligence of humans in a world where both support the transformation for a better tomorrow.

“With the power of ideas and the right mindset, we change the direction where we’re headed. We have the chance to write ourselves a future that we want.”

About Deans Summit

Every year, Deloitte hosts a ‘Deans Summit’, an event that drives myriad conversations with the academic leaders representing a wide variety of Indian universities and academic institutions. This year, with the theme focusing on the future of work, skills and talent, Deloitte invited a host of speakers belonging to different generations. They shared their views and expectations from the education system in India, and how this industry can bridge the gap by reevaluating the pedagogy and skillset needed for the jobs of tomorrow.


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About the speaker:

Sakshi Agarwal, founder of ‘The Farm Theory’, is a Gen Z and a change maker. Besides focusing on completing her final year at school, she trains young girls from underpriveleged community, how to code.