Posted: 12 Dec. 2019 8 min. read

Wellness equals happiness

Thriving in a culture of well-being

Benefits, programs and an environment to support your well-being needs, a culture of well-being is not just an organizational priority at Deloitte, but a way of life.

Life at Deloitte is full of opportunities, avenues and time to focus on one’s wellness. We understand the commitment towards well-being. Therefore, you will find well-being to be a priority at Deloitte, a business imperative, and a way of life, looked at holistically—mind, body, and purpose. And we make sure you feel empowered to personalize the wellness experience in ways that matter most to you.

Each one of us has different ways of prioritizing one’s well-being. Whether it is regular check-ins and coaching conversations, or informal chats about any thing that matters to our people, they have the support and time to be heard, and the tools to facilitate actions within and outside the workplace.

At Deloitte, you will find multiple spaces dedicated to well-being. One such space is the communication excellence (CE) gym. It is not only an in-house library with physical books, but it is also equipped with audio and video formats, as well as AR functionality. Recently, the CE gym launched an initiative to engage professionals outside of work, through informal games and fun filled activities. Moreover, there are various other initiatives, one such is aimed at mentoring interested professionals on honing their delivery on powerful presentations in a different format using the storytelling technique.

The CE gym is one such space among the many that our professionals have access to. There are other creative and fun avenues which our people engage in.

● While some of us find joy in planning team outings, organizing and coordinating for potluck lunches, and step out for a nice icy scoop of gelato to beat the heat, others have many more ways of rejuvenating and recharging outside work.

● Within our office space, another area dedicated to well-being is the in-house gym, with state-of-the-art equipment and trainers. To add to this, there are dedicated areas for outdoor games, and a recreational area for indoor games.

● Outside the office space, some of our professionals have formed a sports enthusiast’s club, where every weekend, you’ll find some of them sweating it out over a friendly game of squash, or tennis, or even participating in their very own cricket league. There are others who find engaging in outdoor activities fun, and these are the people who associate themselves with the training and running squads—they will usually be found training together, getting ready to participate in an upcoming marathon or a sporting event.

● For those with a flair for the arts, we have some of our people's work of art displayed throughout our offices. Their art, whether it’s a painting or a photo, lines up the corridors and hallways and brings in character and warmth to the workplace. This is just one of the avenues for the artsy folks to engage in.

● And then there are other professionals who prefer to practice yoga and meditation as a means of relaxation.

So, when you step foot into Deloitte, you will find a whole world outside ‘business as usual’. Having an engaged mind, a healthy body, and a sense of purpose are all elements that lead to an effective work-life fit. This is what empowered well-being at Deloitte looks like—a set of active choices a person makes every day that allows them to be healthy, centered, confident, and aware.

Our people take charge of their well-being. They make time to step outside the professional sphere for their family and individual time. We have parents among us as professionals, who like to unwind by going home to spend time with their children, spouses, and families. And then there are some, who like to explore the city and the world around us, and so they travel.

So, no matter what your wellness calling is, you will notice workplace well-being in ways you might not experience elsewhere. There are benefits, programs, and resources to support you and your family's well-being throughout life's major milestones, including abilities to pursue your passions, manage finances, and plan for the unexpected.

Whether it is professional well-being as an individual or as a team, or it is personal well-being to keep ourselves and our families healthy and holistically well, the culture and people at Deloitte, both support and actively participate in activities centered around wellness.

Here, we cherish and celebrate our people and their well-being.


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