Posted: 09 Mar. 2020 6 min. read

More than 175 minutes in an intern’s life

Beginning of a career path at Deloitte

Looking to make an impact that matters through a meaningful internship?

Then consider an internship with Deloitte and let your career path be shaped by your experiences as an intern with us.

Picture this!

The night before your first day at Deloitte, you find yourself experiencing a multitude of emotions. The night passes, and as you wake up, those butterflies just don’t seem to go away, no matter how confident you try to appear and feel—from feeling excited, to feeling slightly nervous, eventually the feeling of happiness emerges at the thought of starting a new chapter, which could help shape your career path.

From the time you reach the doors, to when you step in to the Deloitte office space, you hear enthusiastic chatter of your fellow interns , and as you look around, from the registration kiosk, to the path opening up into an expansive setup of chairs, with a café to one side, and a space labeled “collaboration area” on another side, you walk along to notice the walls are interspersed with colorful graphics, the Deloitte values, and a timeline of Deloitte’s history painted across. As you walk past them, you notice some look eager, many are chatting away, and a few are still settling in—minute 1 of day 1 at Deloitte seems like a moment extended beyond just the first 60 seconds of this new chapter. And as you zoom out, minute 1 flashes by in front of your eyes, as you eagerly await to start your life at Deloitte. Each moment from hereon feels nothing less than exhilarating.

This is how our interns summed up their first moments as they stepped into Deloitte. 

Interns meet

An overview of our interns’ journey

More than 20 interns joined us for an eight-week internship with the Talent team. What they experienced, through their time here at Deloitte, is a journey unique to each one of them. Right from the expectations they came in with, to the experience they had on day 1, week 1 and month 1 of the internship, and to how it all came together at the end—it was nothing short of an unforgettable internship experience for them.

Through the first two days, as the first 175 minutes flew into hours, the interns didn’t know where the time went by, with the onset of ‘Welcome to Deloitte’ induction and all that they unearthed—through the different sessions they attended, to being assigned buddies and mentors, and right up to the interactions they had with leaders, team members, and each other; the 2 days ended on a high note of enthusiasm and excitement, with the interns eagerly awaiting to get to work on their respective projects. What emerged are more than 20 talent insights through the hours of effort put in by them.

Here’s what some of our interns have to say:

“It was a seamless experience created for the interns…because everything was in place [from the moment we step foot into Deloitte].”

“The way the sessions were conducted, we felt so important and valued.”

“What I’ve learned here, I don’t think I could have learned it in a classroom.”

Interns activity

What led the interns to us?

What they looked for, when searching for internships is not just the list of organizations who visit their campus to offer internships, but more importantly, for organizations that aligned with their values. And for those who interned with us at Deloitte, we can surely say, besides their professional development through the duration of the internship, they were living examples of what it is to put into practice the Deloitte values, while delivering leading edge solutions as a result of their all-in efforts towards their projects.

Summing it up

At Deloitte, challenges become opportunities when viewed from many perspectives. With the help of a personalized learning guide and access to mentors, our interns saw what was possible and helped transform possibility into accomplishment.

Through unequivocal support and opportunities to learn, network, and grow, you can chart out the path for yourself to make an impact that matters.



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